Takis Greek Italian Restaurant

The History of Takis:

The heat rising up from a flaming Saganaki! Steve Tsolakis, proprietor of Takis, has been feeling that warmth for most of his life. "Takis" is the first name of Mr. Takis Tsolakis, the patriarch of the Tsolakis family. The Tsolakis family has been serving excellent Greek and Italian cuisine in Lake and Sumter counties for over 30 years, first in Leesberg, and now at their location here in The Villages. Steve Tsolakis grew up working in his family's restaurant in Springfield Massachusetts and, by 1980 when his family moved to Florida to open a restaurant here, he was really old enough to be put to work. Working with family recipes and classic techniques, Steve has learned the art of making delicious food that accurately represents the cuisine of the countries it came from.


In 2006, Steve and his wife Katerina opened their own restaurant here in The Villages and of course named it "Takis". Now it is their children who sometimes help out mom and dad a little around the family restaurant, each generation passing the pride and tradition on to the next. Takis is a family business, a local business, and we take pride in our family and our traditions!

A little bit of the Mediterranean here in Florida!